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Our products

Handmade and authentic.

With a lot of passion

We offer products from our own production, with which your hairstyle wishes can be implemented quickly and easily.

Our product ranges from handmade pomades to hair tonics that you will not find at any other barber and that make people ask where you can buy something so special. For the self-confident beard wearer, we have our very own care products to choose from.

We manufacture ourselves and offer the highest quality

That is why each of our products is made by hand in our room, tested by us and the recipe is continuously refined. Only when everyone is 100% satisfied does the product go on sale.

only 16.95 €


Coastal wind

Chrissi's first pomade:

People like fresh and flowery.

But this pomade not only scores with its splendid fragrance, it also gives the hair a wonderfully strong hold and shine.


A sweet, floral scent characterizes this pomade. It gives a strong shine and a strong hold.



A very firm pomade with a strong, tart scent of musk, patchouli and bergamot. A pomade against unruly hair for a silky matt shine.

Tropical fever

A super firm pomade with a unique fragrance, which first stands out with a fruity note of grape and mint and later convinces with a woody-tart note. A pomade that is cooked with the hardest natural wax: carnauba wax. The tropical fever pomade impresses with its extra strong hold and shine



A medium pomade with a particularly strong scent that is reminiscent of grandpa's shaving soap. Especially for the classic hairdresser look, like in a Humphrey or Rock Hudson film. The shine of this pomade is hard to beat.


Fruity, floral, woody with a fresh mint note. Probably the first pomade in the world made from sugar cane wax. This special pomade scores with its unique properties:

It is very easy to remove and process and still offers an extremely firm hold.

waste of crystal.png

Waste of crystal

A firm pomade as a counterpart to our unique aftershave. A fresh, tart, citrus fragrance that casts a spell over you. This pomade offers a super strong hold and shine.

Ohm's finest pomade

Anyone looking for a real homebrew pomade with top quality and a very special fragrance has the right product at hand with Ohm's.

The strength can be classified between firm and medium. The scent is tart-fresh-flowery, a touch of orange blossom and patchouli. The fragrance can also be described differently with the words exciting.


Our hair pastes 50ml

WB Pomaden

Ohm´s Tiki Matt Clay

Handgemachte OB Matt Clay mit echtem Bienenwachs und ätherischen Düften. Im matten Look. Stell dir vor du liegst auf Hawaii am Strand und man reicht dir einen Tropischen Cocktail in einer halben Kokosnuss. Der Duft der dir in die Nase steigt, ist einfach voll TIKI! Die TIKI gibt festen Halt und einen matten Look. Ein frischer tropischer Duft umgibt dich den ganzen Tag. Der Name Ohm ist dem einen oder anderen aus der Szene ein Begriff. Wer eine echte Homebrew Pomade mit Spitzenqualität und einem ganz besonderen Duft sucht, hat mit der Ohm´s das richtige Produkt zur Hand.

only € 9.95


Chrissi's smurf puke

Smurf puke is a matt styling paste. It remains malleable in the hair so that you can always recreate your look. Regardless of whether the look is as matt as possible or a stringy beach look. The smurf puke can. A washable matt clay paste with a refreshing scent of orange and mint.

Chrissi's asphalt maintenance

Asphalt care is a matte styling paste that remains malleable. This means you can re-style at any time.

It thus combines the advantages of a classic pomade and those of a modern styling product.

It can be washed out and has a spicy, floral scent.


Our hair tonic 200ml


only 17.95 €


Chrissi's Grip Tonic

The Grip Tonic is a hybrid of a hair dryer set and a hair tonic. On the one hand there is a strong, grippy hold and volume without sticking the hair, on the other hand it refreshes the hair and scalp, loosens up existing styling agents and lets you rearrange the hairstyle.

Our beard oil 20ml


only 11.95 €

Chrissi's beard oil

A high-quality care oil, which consists of cold-pressed argan oil, jojoba oil and almond oil. Lavender and juniper wood oil provide the pleasant scent.


Our aftershave 100ml


only 15.95 €


Chrissi's Waste of Crystal

In addition to the classic requirements of disinfection and astringent, our aftershave also offers first-class, caring properties

through witch hazel,

Vitamin E (dexpanthenol) and orange blossom water. In addition, it has a pleasant, fresh scent with a slightly spicy note.

Our beard and mustache wax 15ml

only 15.95 €

Only in the store


Chrissi's beard and mustache wax

A natural beard wax made from beeswax and lanolin. Specially designed to twirl the upper lip of the Schnauzer. In a small box, it can be stowed away in your trouser pocket. Your body temperature makes it easy to work in.

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